There is always a WHY.
Digging deeper to discover yours can help to change that story of “this is just me” or “it’s just something I have to put up with” It is so common to struggle with daily anxiety, especially as women we are more biologically prone to develop anxiety than men, it can become so ingrained in our lives that it’s just accepted.

Working with a practitioner to find out what your contributing factors are and what you can do to change them, can help to free you of this often crippling issue. Here are some recommendations on where to start:

DUTCH test
The most comprehensive and accurate hormone testing on the market. This dried urine test for comprehensive hormones (DUTCH) assesses progesterone which is your precursor to key neurotransmitters in the brain GABA and dopamine. Cortisol pattern over an 18hr period is also evaluated which gives great insight into the state of your adrenal health.

Reconsider the pill
On that note of progesterone, the pill stops ovulation which stops you producing all that lovely progesterone we need to promote GABA to feel calm and happy. If you’re struggling with anxiety, think about when it started, did it line up with when you started on the pill or a few months later? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your contraception options- and there are so many effective alternatives!

Supplement with Magnesium and B6
Taking both these nutrients in supplement form can have a profound impact on anxiety. B6 is involved in the production of GABA and serotonin, having a calming effect on the nervous system. Levels can be assessed in a DUTCH test via organic acids. Magnesium, one of the most common mineral deficiencies, calms the nervous system, is involved in energy production and is a precursor to progesterone production.

Check your Thyroid
A sluggish thyroid, overactive thyroid or an autoimmune thyroid disorder can contribute to anxiety. A simple blood test to comprehensively assess thyroid function (not just TSH!) can point your practitioner in the right direction. A full thyroid panel plus antibodies is imperative.

Embrace Kinesiology
Energy work can be so powerful and I’m a huge believer in working on the mind and energy while addressing physiological and biochemical imbalance. It just brings it all together beautifully. Find someone who resonates with you as everyone practices so differently. In Perth, WA my amazing kinesiologist I swear by is the lovely Renee at

Cool it on Caffeine
I know you don’t want to hear this, but caffeine causes it’s own stress response. We are often in a cycle of being so wound up (often not sleeping well) but so exhausted all the time that caffeine feels a like a non-negotiable. But, I promise, once you do the work, you will no longer feel the need for this reliance. Try it for two weeks and just see how you feel!

If you’re struggling with anxiety and want to work with me to uncover your why’s and how to get YOU back, get in touch here
Brooke x

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